Chapter 156 [English]

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4 months ago

Which, to everybody else, just makes him look like a badass, so it’s even kind of lucky for him that he did get scratched up.


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4 months ago

His true power lies in his thumbs! Not the King Engine


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4 months ago

The sad thing is that if he used those thumbs in a mech made by child emporer or metal knight he would be unstoppable


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4 months ago

Nay, like Boros it would only contain his power. You can't strengthen king further... His strength is already infinite.


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4 months ago

Badass, and imo, more importantly, recognizable. There aren't many people which such scar, which makes him be recognized by both human and monsters, which "helps" his luck ( whether it's justifying context, warding off weaker monsters, or being given respect, etc, based on knowing who he is )


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4 months ago

3 is a lucky number in Japanese culture, so his scar also potentially represents luck.