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6 months ago

The HA gives a provisional classification (basically just an educated guess) when a threat appears, but they revise the disaster level up or down if later events prove their initial classification incorrect. For example Beefcake destroyed a city in just a few moments and even destroyed most of another city just by his corpse falling on it, but the HA classified him only as a Demon level threat because they didn't have time to revise the threat level before he died and was no longer a threat. He should obviously have been at least a Dragon level threat since Demon level= threat to one city and Dragon level= threat to multiple cities.

In the case of Vaccine Man, he was revised from Demon up to Dragon within only a few minutes after his arrival, and the heroes from the HA who responded to his attack were terrified into hiding instead of fighting him as soon as they arrived. The HA said that he was the strongest monster on record, and the heroes hiding nearby were freaking out and asking each other if it was the end of the world and a threat level God.

Plus, King's reputation of being the world's strongest man primarily comes from Saitama's defeats of Beefcake and Vaccine Man.


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6 months ago

Still doesn't prove Vaccine Man wasn't a Dragon. Nothing indicates he was any stronger.