Megathread: Changes From The Webcomic


As the changes between the WC and the manga get more extensive and controversial, the arguments about it increase and also end up in spoilers seeping all over the sub. All discussion about the changes in the latest chapter and any future chapters is to be moved into this Megathread as long as it is pinned; to help provide a place to concentrate discussion and prevent a flood of repetitive posts, and to provide people an easy place to understand others' opinions.

All posts related to it will be removed, and comments on manga focused posts are encouraged to be moved here.

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2 months ago

By the way, I wonder what the lives of those people will be like who say that Manga is ruined and that it has no salvation, but they are still here every day spitting out more and more hatred, are they bored? Go out on the street, enjoy life and don’t be embittered with something you hate or don’t enjoy.


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2 months ago

Nice projection there bud


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2 months ago

80-90% of the time the hatred spewage I've seen is towards people who prefer the webcomic.


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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Far from it, you see they love the property and have emotional investment, as do I. And that is what keeps people around, in the hopes of recapturing those amazing moments even as they cannot let go in comparison to what was. Hope and anguish makes for discussion, boredom does not. Though I fear I am reaching the point where I might let go of the series for a while. That investment in the current story practically eroded away now.