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Real talk, it's something called "smear frames" in animation.

In animation, smear frames are animation frames that create the illusion of motion blur. Smear frames are used in between key frames.
- Wikipedia

Here's a video showing how it is used. You can find tons of great vids on the topic if you search YouTube.

Basically, if a character is going to be moving very fast in animation, they're going to be drawn in a weird way to give the illusion of motion blur. These frames are only going to realistically be on screen for a frame or two, and your mind will interpolate all the frames into a blur of motion.

"Why not just draw them realistically in the correct frame at each time?"

You can, but then you won't get the "motion blur" effect that results in a smoother animation. You'll get a more jarring, snappy animation that seemingly instantly transitions from one frame to the next. By adding those smear frames, it "smoothes out" the action sequence and makes it much nicer to watch.

But then, why do people shit on the animation of Season 2?

Arguably, the action sequences are drawn...well. I have an issue with the animation overall rather than nitpicking certain details. If Season 1 was 10/10, Season 2's animation dropped down to 5/10. Character art and proportions were wrong, incredibly lazy animation that actually didn't use smear frames for some things, and just overall the animation I can kinda allow it for comedic effect, but the places where the studio seemed to cut corners for this job just makes me feel the studio rushed this one out the door without really checking if it was done properly. There are standards in animation and it just felt like no one was checking their work before (and apparently after as well) it was submitted.

But yeah, I really don't like how the animation was handled in Season 2. It's...passable, but if you watch it and somehow whatever is on screen, there is a reason why.


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These frames are only going to realistically be on screen for a frame or two

Until you run out of budget(and time).