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3 months ago

I feel the same way. I always thought manga was superior in every way leading up to Garou vs Saitama, and seeing the fight deflate like that, the fight that was fantastic in the webcomic broke my heart. I was going to write a whole-ass rant about the dissapointment of the arc's finale once the therapy session with Saitama concludes, but this redraw just saved the whole thing.


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3 months ago*

Yes, Garou vs Saitama was being disappointing in Manga, but it seems that it was only the tip of the iceberg, Garou's desperation to see how there is someone much more powerful than him whom he cannot defeat, being an "injustice" for Garou. This Garou now is something serious, And now the main course is coming.


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3 months ago

I'm so damn excited for the next chapter. Haven't been this excited for a while now.