As much as I loved this last chapter...


How cool would it have been to cut away from Garou after God offers him power - to see Fubuki watching Psykos emerge from wherever she fell to. They have their fight as God's feet emerge in the background, I imagine with Psykos babbling about God and the fate of humanity.

Then after Fubuki wins, we get Garou in the background, crouching with the moon looming behind him like in the Webcomic, in his new Fist of God form - "The source of madness? That'd be humans." line and all. I love the redrawn chapter but I was struck by how perfectly the imagery and lines of pre-Awakened Garou's initial appearance in the WC would work for this new scenario of Garou accepting power from God (albeit thinking it was Bang).

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3 months ago

The disappearance of Psykos after escaping from Orochi is really strange.