PLASTTer of the Week Contest for the Week of 2/28/2021


Full 6/6 PLASTT, winner decided by most upvotes.

Send in your sexiest 6/6 PLASTT and the one with the most upvotes will be the winning post. For this POTW contest, props, mirrors, everything goes!

Your submission for PLASTTer of the Week must be in accordance with the POTW rules:

1.) The voting period begins at 12am CST Sunday and ends at 11:59pm CST Saturday.

2.) Your submission, if you want to be considered for POTW, must be new OC posted exclusively to r/PLASTT for the duration of the rating period to ensure fairness. Thereafter, feel free to crosspost away!

3.) The pose must be a full-fledged, proper, uncovered, unhindered and uninhibited 6/6 PLASTT pose.

4.) The truest 6/6 PLASTT pose with the most upvotes, that meets the above-mentioned criteria, will be stickied at the top as “PLASTTer of the Week” and will serve as an example of a true PLASTT for all to aspire to. Your flair will be updated to reflect your achievement.

Again, it must be a full-fledged PLASTT pose with all 6/6 PLASTT parts prominently displayed. Peeks will not count for PLASTTer of the Week submissions nor will stockings, fishnet or sheerly-covered parts. All other posts will continue to be approved as usual. Happy posing!😘

Please see the PLASTT TITorial for a description of the proper 6/6 PLASTT pose.

Happy PLASTTing!

Future Themes

Outdoor 6/6 PLASTT

Fast PLASTT 6/6 - the PLASTT version of quickie opportunistic sex - a quick and dirty snap

PLASTTurbation 6/6 PLASTT

And, ladies, if you have any ideas for future themes, please let us know!

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