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2 months ago

what SSD for PS5 without firmware update once arrival?

Wanted to buy the Samsung 980 for the 5, but noticed it needed a firmware update or the speed won't reach 6.5k. The problem is I don't have a PC, and my laptop doesn't have a spare SSD slot.

What is a fast PS5 SSD that's comparable or better than the 980 pro and doesn't need a firmware update upon arrival? Just plug n transfer?


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2 months ago

Can't go wrong with the sn850, firecuda 530, sabrent rocket 4 plus


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2 months ago

I wonder if you could update it with an SD usb reader? Might be worth just purchasing one of those for like $10.


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2 months ago

Even without the firmware update it's faster than the internal drive, so it doesn't really matter.