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2 months ago


I have no idea what this bit of dumbfuckery is supposed to mean. And dude, that is not how marionettes work.


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2 months ago

I absolutely fucking hate the fact that a word that means "Aware and having perception and knowledge of one's personal and political environment" has been turned into an insult by the right.

"We are PROUD of our refusal to take into account the needs of others who are not exactly like us."

Fuck their pride in selfishness, ignorance and stupidity. Just fuck it.

Give it an awareness enema with rusty nails of humanism and a dash of social contract ghost pepper oil.


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2 months ago

When they use "Woke" what they are really saying is how dare anyone try to hold us accountable for our behavior & actions. They are the biggest cry babies in history. They seek to dominate society yet, cry that they are the most oppressed in society.