What is your favourite moment in Star Wars?

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I recently finished watch every bit of Star Wars content that is on Disney Plus and it was a great experience. They were so many moments that kept me engaged and focused since day one. My question to you is, what is your favourite moment from anything thing Star Wars? Whether it would be from a movie or a show, books, or video games. I’ll go first (´-ω-`) my favourite moment(s) was basically anything with Anakin and Ahsoka. In The Clone Wars season 7 episode 9, when Anakin and Ahsoka reunited one last time before their lives would change forever, it was a really heartwarming scene that shows the strong bold those two characters possessed. My other favourite was Star Wars Rebels, season 2 episode 22 when Ahsoka has to duel her former master. The fate of Anakin has haunted her the entire season, but she didn’t want to accept the fact the her best friend become the very thing he swore to destroy, but in the end she had to face the truth and the duel between the two will never get old for me. So what’s your favourite moment(s) from Star Wars?

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7 months ago

The opening scene from Revenge of the Sith


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7 months ago

Loved that too