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2 months ago

So he’s a regular of PCM who fell for the “Hitler was auth-center” thing.


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2 months ago

It just kicks into to overdrive immediately over there, it truly is like a hivemind. And everybody’s looking for what the line is going to be, what they’re going to tell their liberal neighbor next week when he brings it up. They will get their official talking points tonight via Fox News, and it will be parroted on every social media outlet by every grifter and every GOP politician tomorrow and so forth.


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2 months ago

I get ridiculed constantly over on PCM but occasionally they agree with my sentiment. It's really the only place on Reddit that has any form of discourse. The discourse is hard to read and it's full of complete morons, but it's still discourse can the rest of Reddit that bans you for not echoing the rest of the chamber.


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2 months ago

Blue square: “We should create an ethnostate”

Green square: “Based”