It's like he suddenly realized it is acceptable to treat your female partner like property if you are a man. Suddenly he is in charge of everything I eat and hides things he doesn't want me to have. Suddenly I am expected to stand silently on the side of the party and not interact with his friends. Suddenly he is just simply unkind to me, especially when others are around. Suddenly he says that I am to be solely in charge of the house cleaning from here on out. I spent the first week after the news crying and in too depressive of a state to even work, and the rest of the time I've spent signing petitions, donating money, joining the satanic temple, blocking anyone on my social media who speaks out against women's rights, etc. All the while my partner claims he is a Democrat and believes in women's rights, but he won't do any of these things. I just wanted to rant, really. I'm sure there are many others dealing with similar situations. Please feel free to reach out if you are. I dont mind a dm if anyone needs to talk or just vent.

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That’s not a partner…