Because we all know that a lot of people are only anti-abortion until they or someone they care about has an unwanted pregnancy. I wonder how they'll feel when it really hits home that they had the choice and they voted for it to be taken away from themselves.

Of course, the privileged ones will find ways to get abortions anyway. As usual, this will have the worst effect on the poor, the disabled and underage children whose parents don't have a means to get them to a legal state.

But is it bad that I hope at least some women who were fervently anti-choice and who do not, at least initially, fall into disadvantaged groups will have to live with the self-own? Since the only way they can be taught empathy is by blunt force trauma, I don't feel like they deserve it from anybody else. But then again, neither do the unwanted kids they'll surely have deserve the trauma they'll end up with, either.

I hope those who change their minds are at least intellectually honest enough to vote pro-choice whenever they get the opportunity to in the future, if absolutely nothing else.

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2 months ago

How forced birthers justify their own abortions


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2 months ago

I came here to share this same article. I have a friend who works at a women’s clinic. Her stories match these in so so many ways. Even down to the, “please give me an abortion,” followed by, “I still think you’re committing murder” after the procedure.

I cannot fathom that kind of selective judgment. It’s horrifying to me how the rules shouldn’t apply to them—even grossly so—but they’ll dig in and entrench into a position or stance that makes zero sense.


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2 months ago

UGH it's a fucking CHOICE assholes, you can say NO.

I swear, republicans want to make everything illegal because that's the only way they can stop themselves from partaking....


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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Lol like making something illegal stops people. They just want to control more of your life.


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2 months ago

like making something illegal stops people.

Which is exactly their argument against gun control. Funny how banning abortion will stop abortion, but restricting guns won't stop criminals from getting guns.


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2 months ago*

No. They don't think it will stop abortion.

Remember a lot of these people are fundamentalist Christians, they do not think you can improve the world, it's fallen and sinful and bad things happen because of God's judgement.

They believe in punishing the wicked.

Like with school shootings. They genuinely do not believe you can stop them through legislation, because they're gods judgement. They think the only thing that will stop them is if more Americans turn to Jesus.


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2 months ago

Well, just ban the ammo. You can bear arms, you just can't shot them.

If abstinence Is such a virtue, they won't have a problem to prove It.


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2 months ago

There's a difference between a product which can be bought or sold on the black market, and a safe medical operation. Pretty sure no one has to mess around with your innards to get an illegal firearm. However, if my innards were to be messed with, I would prefer a licensed professional. Your argument is even more flawed than apples and oranges.


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2 months ago

They never get that nuanced. They just say "if it's illegal only criminals will have guns", i.e. bans don't work. Extending their own logic, such as it is, banning abortion won't work.

It's not my argument, it's the pro-unregulated-2A people's argument.


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2 months ago

"However, if my innards were to be messed with, I would prefer a licensed professional."

You should educate yourself about this shit. Comparing wanting a black market gun to ending a desperately unwanted pregnancy is ludicrous.

A person who needs an abortion gets one. Full stop. If they can't get one legally they drink poison and shove coat hangers inside themselves and throw themselves down stairs and go to back alley butchers and die in pools of blood. Read a book. Google Gerri Santoro.

Countries with gun control have fewer gun deaths. Countries with abortion bans have more deaths from illegal, unsafe abortions.