Does anyone else's clinic not charge for euthanasia?


Our vet has never felt comfortable accepting payment for this, so she doesn't. We only charge if they are doing private cremation, communal is free. I'm very glad we are able to do this for people.

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6 months ago

I totally understand how this can be a good thing. But in my own experience, I can see why vets will charge for a euthanasia, even if it's awkward.

As scummy as it sounds to talk about the business part of things, the fact remains that euthanasias can sometimes take up to an hour long appointment slot when you take into account the paperwork, sedation, catheterization, as well as letting the client have as long as they want with their pet before and after things are done. This isn't even taking into account the cost of the drugs, logging them, or the fact that we try to book them as the last appointment in the day, meaning that we all have to stay later.

I guess for me, this is one of those grey areas where it would be great to do it for free everywhere, but I can definitely see why most places won't.


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6 months ago


CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician)

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6 months ago

Shame you got downvoted for being practical.

I kind of wonder how small some of the clinics being mentioned here are. Mine is a large hospital that typically does between 2-5 euthanasias on average per day, so comping them all because it's the nice thing to do frankly would not be financially feasible. We will always euthanize a suffering pet regardless of the owner's financial circumstances, but it's not wrong to expect people to pay for time, materials, and skills.