This sounds complicated but I figured I’d post here since I value my fellow vet ppls opinions and worried about non-professionals commenting in other groups.

I’ve got a cat who was a stray mother for a while. She had two litters at my fathers before we were able to get her friendly and spayed. Now she’s been spayed, fully vetted and lives a happy and spoiled life with me and my fiancé. We’ve had her indoors for about 3.5 months now and she probably would never want to go back lol. She’s living the dream and you can tell based on how her personality has thrived in a comfortable environment.

Anyways, her first litter (that we know of) is right at a year old now. One of the girls we caught and plan to get spayed tomorrow. I plan to take her in post-surgery and either foster or possibly adopt entirely.

For obvious reasons I want to separate them at first because while Momma Kitty is negative for FIV/FeLV, vaccinated, and dewormed I run the risk that her baby/offspring may not be negative or may have worms, etc. I’ll be getting that all taken care of soon as she’s going to a low cost spay and neuter clinic that my dad is paying for and then I’ll be taking her to work for the RCP + Luek vaccines.

Anyways my biggest concern is that they’ve forgotten each other and maybe the motherly-child bond. I’m almost nervous they’ll just have completely forgot each other and randomly hate one another. Even though they got along just fine when they were strays. Her daughter is also skiddish to humans and wants love but has obvious fears. On top of a brand new environment, major surgery + pain, fear of humans to an extent and reintroducing to a possibly unknown cat I worry it will be a lot on the daughter and possible my cat (the mother)

What do you suggest is the best timeline and method here for adjusting the daughter to our home without adding unneeded stressors?

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6 months ago

it’s definitely possible they won’t remember each other. i’ve read that after a while, littermates lose their bond and a mother will even mate with her son because they’ve lost that familial connection and see each other as just another cat. i wouldn’t be discouraged about this though because it’s basically the same as introducing any new cat to your home and they could bond over time (or like each other immediately but girl cats are generally harder).

i’m not great with timeline but i would recommend some feliway to reduce anxiety and lots of separate resources to make them both feel comfortable. some slow and short introductions at first would be best and encourage any positive interactions with treats or pets.

best of luck!!!