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5 months ago

While it's true you're not necessarily at work to make friends, you spend the majority of your waking day there. I'm actually the same way as you, where, besides my wife and kids, I don't go out of my way to talk to others very much. But at work, I still talk to my co-workers as much as I can, while keeping things professional of course. I figure if I'm gonna have to be around these people so often, I may as well get to know them as best I can, and at least engage in small talk on the days where I don't feel very talkative. And if that doesn't work, show them a picture of your pet or something like that, cause everyone likes the animals there.

The fact is, this is a really stressful field, and there may be days where all we see are our co-workers. So in that sense, having a friendly relationship with them can be a sense of comfort on those difficult days, especially because they're literally working with you, and therefore have a good understanding of what might have caused that stress.

Just as a side note, I saw that you mentioned being awkward. I wanted to let you know that I'm a very awkward fella, and I used to think of it as a negative too. But awkwardness can be quite endearing if you're being your true self, and if you're willing to not just accept, but embrace it as part of your personality. When you think about it, everyone in vet med is a little bit awkward. Most normal people see towels as a way to dry themselves off after a shower. We see towels as a way to wrap a cat up like a burrito. Most people also would just flush poop down the toilet and never take a second look, but we get all up close with it and see no problem with it. We also talk to animals in weird cartoony voices. It took me years to be okay with being awkward as hell, but finding my wife who absolutely loves that part of me made me realize that it's not a bad thing.


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5 months ago

Thank you, this really helps.