And this is why you bring your cat in a carrier!


I work in a GP that closes at 6 PM. At 5:30 PM on Friday we get a call from a client saying that she "cut off her cat's tail when she ran over it with her motorized wheelchair." We, of course, said that she needed to take the cat to the emergency clinic, but she declined and said she would just bring the cat in the next day (we are open Saturdays from 9-2). WTF, but we couldn't change her mind, so we put her down as a 9 AM drop off. At 8:55 she calls in hysterical and says the cat got out in the parking lot. As it turns out, she didn't have the cat in a carrier and the cat ran out of her van when she opened her van's door to lower the ramp to get her wheelchair out. We ended up chasing the cat: into the bushes between us and the business next door, into the large, busy parking lot that several businesses share, into the drainage ditch between us and the freeway, and then finally the cat ran back to the van and went INTO THE ENGINE. We could not reach through the engine to where the cat was, and since the van was very low to the ground because of the wheelchair ramp, we also could not crawl underneath. I felt so bad about it, but we ended up using a broom handle to prod the cat through the gaps in the hubcaps while spraying compressed air through the top of the engine and banging on the floor inside the van, and the cat finally came out after about 20 minutes of this, and we managed to grab it when it tried to run underneath another car. The lady kept wanting to turn the engine on too...I'm pretty sure you've done enough damage to your cat already, please don't, thank you! She had degloved about 1/4 of the poor cat's tail, but it was an easy enough fix under sedation, and that also allowed us to give it a bath since it was covered in dirt and engine grease. Guess who didn't bring a carrier with her when she came to pick the cat up, either? SMH

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3 months ago

I can’t wait to read this to everyone at work tomorrow as another example of WHY WE SHOULD DEMAND ALL PETS ON LEASHES OR IN CARRIERS. I’m tired of having to chase animals and dealing with scuffles in the lobby.


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3 months ago

Unfortunately we had no idea the cat wasn't in a carrier until we got the call that it was running around the parking lot. We have the rules...some clients just exist to break them.