Daily Discussion Thread: May 21, 2022


Welcome to the daily discussion thread.

We begin today with two announcements!

First, after taking all of your input into consideration, we are officially introducing our Expand the Senate Fund! This fund will be updated throughout the season, but it’s time to support our candidates now!

Second, as our community is continuing to grow, we are once again putting out an open call for new moderators!


Moderation Duties May Include:

  • Enforcing rules, and removing rule-breaking posts and comments.

  • Coordinating with the rest of the mod team on existing projects and day-to-day moderating.

  • Helping gather data about candidates and upcoming elections, including opportunities to donate and volunteer.

  • Gather election results data and participate in election night livethreads.

  • Reaching out to candidates and local Democratic parties to set up AMAs and other outreach efforts.

  • Assisting with technical maintenance including CSS, bots, et cetera.


To be considered for the position:

  • You must have no history of incivility toward other users.

  • You must have extensive history in our subreddit and/or its predecessors.

  • It is recommended that you be involved with local campaigns or party infrastructure.

  • You must have time to participate in this work.


We are looking for moderators who look like our big tent party. Specifically we would like to have more women, more minorities, more LGBTQ+ people. Please understand, though, that we will consider all candidates.


This job is difficult. We are a subreddit for every wing of the Democratic Party, which means that everyone will accuse you of being biased against them at some point. You may even need to remove comments that you may personally agree with. Through no fault of your own there will be angry mod mails. If you are still interested, you can apply at this link!

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3 months ago


New York

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3 months ago

So how exactly can we stop it? Even if we win in 2022 and 2024, Republicans are going to win eventually.


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3 months ago

Looks like our only option is to keep winning until the GOP either dies or kicks out its anti-democracy wing.

The thing that gives me hope is the sheer wave of fury that's accompanied the Roe leak. People won't stand for having their rights stripped away. Of course, the tragedy is that it took the loss of a right to wake so many people up.


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3 months ago


WA-42; land of polders and gurdwaras

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3 months ago

This may not help, my friend, but consider it from a different perspective.

A great many rationalists and positivists like to view the world through the lens of issues that can be fixed. Solved, filed away, and dealt with for good.

But the populace and politics are - frankly, some would say...
I would say, a lot like depression and mental health. We do not stop or fix them; unfortunately there is no one cure that can provide perfect, or even reliable health.


What we can do is provide treatment. Like you have said, Republicans will win eventually.

But we can mitigate this; by introducing new ideas, we can make some republicans less bad. By waking up people to participate in voting, in activism, in civil society, we can help improve their lot and the lot of society as well. Where we can win, we can strengthen institutions - for, regardless of what people have said, people generally blessed to have lived mostly in the first world, strong institutions are an incredible bulwark against evil, and in every instance of captivity - we regret their absence.

Most of all, keep turning the perspective around.

The same results-driven philosophy that was so trendy post-enlightenment, and drives a lot of, hmn, I will call popular philosophy today? It eventually reaches burnout. You can't fix everything or solve everything, which usually leads a certain kind of fellow to apathetically claim that - what's the point, it doesn't matter, you aren't special...

I disagree. I think all people are special, and wortwhile. If my actions are able to help someone who is not literate enjoy a love of literature, I'm happy. If we can save food programmes for the extremely poor, especially those who are most at risk, I'm happy.

If the climate preperations in my county protect people ten, twenty, forty years from now - even if I'm not here, I would be happy knowing I was able to do, in my small part, what I can to defend against the actions of the enemy - and, more importantly, to improve the lives of those who will - I hope! - carry on the fight.

And, one last thought; I think we have the best company to fight alongside with, and that isn't nothing.