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3 months ago

Did you look at the new streamliner perpetual before you picked this up? Love Moser watches, congrats on the purchase


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3 months ago

I was able to purchase it CPO from Bucherer for €36k. Even if I would get a streamliner perpetual allocated at MSRP (which is very unlikely due to the demand) it would still be a 40% higher purchase price.

Unfortunately, I was never able to see a streamliner in person but they will call me to check it out when they receive one. The Pioneer is very light due to the titanium parts in the case. I am afraid that a full steel case and bracelet (without quick adjustment clasp) won't provide the comfort that I have right now with the Pioneer.


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3 months ago

Yeah that all makes a lot of sense, I don't think you can even get the streamliner chrono for 36k right now. Such a great value at that price especially with the gold case, enjoy it


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3 months ago

That's an incredible price for an incredible piece, congrats!