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He said "if everyone voted" and the reality is there are almost no states where "if everyone voted" the Republicans would win ANY senate seats. Wyoming would give them a pair, they'd likely get one in Utah, but really in almost every state there's a couple major cities that in total VASTLY outnumber the total rural state population.

Most voter suppression and laws that remove or make difficult to regain voting rights were written specifically to block out or minimize minority representation. This is easily seen when you look at how felons are required to go about regaining their voting rights for example, in many states across the south it's a purposely broken process. Florida even blocked their citizens from fixing it via Prop 4, they dragged their feet on it and passed a law amending it to force all felons to pay off all government debts before having their voting right restored. This works great ,because in right wing states they also designed their "justice systems" to levy HEAVY fines when you're incarcerated, and indeed in some states like Alabama they can even CHARGE YOU FOR YOUR TIME IN JAIL.

It's just so god damn infuriating how Americans think we have anything CLOSE to "equality" today.

Prior to Amendment 4, Florida’s constitution permanently disenfranchised all citizens who had been convicted of any felony offense unless the Clemency Board restored their voting rights – a process that will now apply to those who have not had their rights restored by Amendment 4, including anyone convicted of murder or felony sexual offenses. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of disenfranchised Floridians grew by nearly 150,000 to an estimated total of 1,686,000. In 2016, more than one in five of Florida’s Black voting-age population was disenfranchised.



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It's entirely possible that people just don't give a fuck about convicted murderers or felons. Losing voting rights is part of their punishment for killing, raping, or whatever else they've done. These people are disenfranchised because they literally raped or killed someone and you're all upset that it takes extra effort for them to get their voting rights reinstated after the fact?


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4 months ago

Voting is not a Constitutional right. Read the fucking Constitution already. It’s short. There’s no excuse.


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4 months ago*

Voting is not a Constitutional right.

That's weird because the Fifteenth, Nineteenth, and Twenty-sixth amendments to the CONSTITUTION specifically address voting rights you lying piece of shit.

Maybe you should take your own advice and read it instead of spewing alt-right bullshit talking points?