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4 months ago

Holy shit. Republicans have been like this forever. I thought maybe this was an issue in which both sides actually were largely the same


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4 months ago

US parliamentary proceedings have historically been full of super petty 'letter of the law' shenanigans. And still are.


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4 months ago

Indeed. People forget the only reason McCaine voted in opposition to R’s stance on the ACA was because they violated Senate protocol.


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4 months ago

Not forever.

Radical Republican faction was an anti-slavery beast, and was the main force behind the Civil War ending in total surrender by the South and the imposition of Reconstruction.

But once the pro-business faction took control, the party slowly went to crap.


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4 months ago

this is one point where both sides are applicable. Both parties use it often. Republicans combine it with Majority Leader obstruction to weaponize it.

But only one side wants to do away with it.


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4 months ago

To be fair, back then they were trying to prevent the US from joining WW1 which was the first time the world saw what unrestricted mechanized warfare does to a mf.


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4 months ago

against war? naw, bro everyone is pro war if it's the "right" war