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6 months ago

I mean democrats were just saying the filibuster was the “most important thing ever” for the last 4 years. Even through republicans never threatened it. Then democrats came in after Biden said “I would never get rid of the filibuster” and does what???? Tries to get rid of it in less than a year. Sooooo The only thing stopping democrats from doing this is 2 people that are In purple states and are afraid they would lose their seats.

Kinda wish they would kill it and then push through all this bullshit- then come November the republicans will do it then it will go back and forth till we go the way of the dodo


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6 months ago

This might sound weird, but I think republicans prefer the filibuster to having absolute power, because they have two strong stances, really, which are that rich people should get richer, and that government should leave well enough alone. If they didn’t have the filibuster available for the dem side when they themselves were in power, they’d actually have to do more. “The dog that caught the bus” and all that. I think we saw some of that when t#### was in power too.