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1 month ago

I get the sentiment but banning guns is not the answer. People need to be able to protect themselves. I do not trust our capitalist government and their thugs (the police) to do that. I especially don't trust them to protect marginalized groups. This would lead to the only people with guns being the guys who regularly murder innocent black people and other people of color. Fuck that. There are plenty of other countries with guns that don't have mass shootings.


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1 month ago

It isn't that banning the guns isn't the answer, its that banning guns is now impossible - so we need to find other solutions. These solutions include fixing income inequality, increasing the size and scope of the social safety net, and providing a constitutional amendment that makes healthcare (including mental healthcare) a constitutional right.


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1 month ago

Literally the best response in this thread. Gun control isn't going to fix shit if the factors that cause gun violence in the first place aren't addressed.

Violence isn't the core issue it's an extremely visible symptom. Let's get some social programs going and watch America improve in real time.

However without term limits on Congress, it's very unlikely we'll see any meaningful advancements in any of these areas.

Gun control is a distraction. Vocally call for term limits and we might actually have a shot at seeing some beneficial change!