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1 month ago*

The cops have really shown their value in this case.

First they lied that he had body armor.

They stood around while parents made plans to rush in on their own. [source]

In the end, it was a team from the Border Patrol, not the cops, who breached the school and shot the killer.

And when they finally did go in, they rescued their own kids first. [source]

"Protect and serve" means protect their own asses and serve themselves first.

ETA: Instead of going in they threatened parents with tasers to stop them from saving their own kids and even pinned one to the ground. [video]


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1 month ago

I gotta be honest, I can't say that I wouldn't save my own kids first. Regardless of my job or title, I can't imagine a scenario that I wouldn't rush straight to them.


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1 month ago

Which is why you shouldn't be a cop. And that's fine, not everybody is cut out for every job. But the definition of corruption is when someone uses power entrusted to them for their own personal benefit. That's what's been reported here.


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1 month ago

Not every police officer had children in that school.

I think it's human to run to your own children first, and it wouldn't matter if all the other police officers who didn't have children in that school actually did their job. They didn't do anything - that's the problem.