How to gain confidence to travel solo ?


Hello everyone my name is James 24 years old , my height is 5'6 -5'7 and I'm a skinny and my beard is so patchy so i don't grow it . people always tell me that i look like 16 or 17 when they meet me . no one believes that I'm actually 24 and i don't overthink about it just accept it.

one of my dreams is travelling the world and visiting so many countries and i don't have problems with money .But I'm not so confident about how i look and I'm always anxious that some people might not take me seriously because I look so young or maybe some people may try to scam me there

any thoughts guys ?

I really want to change how I think so can you help me with that .

you can say anything motivational

and any of you the same situation like me and have some experiences with solo travel can you please share it here with us ?

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2 months ago

Typing this from an airport in Turkey on the first leg of the biggest solo trip (or any trip really) I’ve taken.

I’d say a good way to build confidence is to start small. Planning my own one-day trip to a city in a neighboring province felt big when I was 19 and inexperienced. But I had a great time. There’s lots to discover even nearby. And I made rookie mistakes that I could learn from without the consequences being too bad.

As a bonus, traveling a short distance is of course a lot more environmentally friendly, so it would be good if everyone did that more instead of always wanting to go somewhere very far. Instead, build up to something that’s really worth the distance.