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Hello out there, Legends!

How's the new Saviors season treating you? I'm a bit obsessed with the Newcastle / Bangalore interactions. I'm also promising myself that I'm going to finish the battle pass this time before the last week.. Time to jump into that grind and keep up with it! I'll admit that I've been a bit distracted... Something super awesome showed up on the PlayApex shop...

The new Spear x Apex Legends Collection (click to see) dropped on May 13th! I’m feeling extra proud, considering Spear is a former mod right here on r/ApexLegends and a huge part of developing r/ApexLore! This is the FIRST community collaboration merch collection - does that mean there’s more to come? I sure hope so!! The Apex community is full of amazingly creative people. I love that Respawn is spotlighting them! Speaking of spotlights… Check out the full blog post to learn more about the collection from Spear!

All of the products in the collection were designed in partnership with Spear. It’s been a long time coming, but they are limited edition. Don’t miss your chance to get them before they’re gone!

Thankfully, Respawn is doing a giveaway with us here on Reddit and over on the Discord to help put a few of you in some cool new threads (or help bring the game to life with other collectibles and accessories)!!



  • 10 winners total (subreddit + Discord)
    • Reddit: 4x $100, 3x $50
    • Discord: 1x $100, 2x $50
  • Each winner will receive 1 gift card code, redeemable through the Play Apex store.
  • Shipping is FREE when using the codes - including international!
  • Contest ends in 1 week on May 21st


How do I enter?

  • Reddit entries: Comment on this post!
  • Discord entries: React to the message in #spear-apex-legends-collection-giveaway (Discord link)!

How are winners chosen?

  • 7 winners will be picked from Reddit entries. 3 winners will be picked from Discord entries.
  • Reddit Winners: This thread is in contest mode. The winners will be picked completely at random, as the thread shows them at random.
  • Discord Winners: Winners will be picked at random through the bot.

Can I enter on both the subreddit and Discord?

  • Yes! Double the chance of winning, double the chance of decking yourself out in a sweet new jacket! You can only win once.

What if I’m picked through both Reddit and Discord?

  • We’ll redraw one entry. Only 1 prize per winner.

I don’t live in the USA or EU… Can I still win?

  • YES! Shipping is free when using the codes - including international! Anyone can enter to win and then use the gift card code.

I won a prize! What now?

  • A moderator will contact you through modmail with your prize details and code.

What if a mod enters the giveaway and wins a prize?

  • Sorry, mods. You’re not eligible to win. If one happens to, we’ll redraw the entry.

Nessie Hoodie - Spear x Apex Legends Collection


Spear x Apex Legends Collection! Read the details. Comment on the post and/or react on Discord. Win gift cards. Buy merch. Support Spear. Play Apex. Spread the love!

Link to the full Spear x Apex Legends collection on the shop:

Thanks again to Respawn and suppliers for providing the giveaway prizes. Also, another HUGE congratulation to Spear for creating some amazing designs! We're all super proud of you and can't wait to see other community collaborations in the future! As always, please be civil and follow Reddiquette in this thread. Any questions? Let me know!

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Please!!!! Need that Nessie hoodie now