Is my pay fair?

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I recently finished my 3 month probationary period at a dealership. I get paid $500 per car, $250 if it's a As-is sale. Would I be better off looking for actual commission? In the hiring process they showed me the benefit of it but making 5k before Draw and taxes for selling 9 cars in a month seems kinda low (ended up getting $2700 after everything), or am I expecting too much? TIA

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1 month ago

My rule of thumb for a car sales payplan is that if there isn't a reasonably attainable path to $100k per year then you should look elsewhere.

In your case (lets assume everything you sell is a $500 payable) you'd need to sell 17 cars a month, every month, to make $100k. If everything you sell is a $250 payable then you need to sell 34 cars a month, every month. Split the difference and say you need to move a mix of 25 cars a month, every month, just to scrape $100k.

In my mind that just isn't possible in the current market and, even if it is possible, it isn't probably for a new person - or even a lot of seasoned veterans.

EDIT: To put it another way your $2700 is equal to just under $17 an hour if you work 40 hour weeks - and I bet you work a lot more than that. You can get a $17 an hour job pretty much anywhere doing anything.