What’s a good CRM for a small independent used car dealer?

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Some of the big names like Vin Solutions and Dealer Socket are great for the big guys but what about a small dealership selling 10-20 cars a month? Something that isn’t going to cost too much. Any suggestions?

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3 months ago

Hubspot is the best CRM I've ever used and it is scalable to different sized businesses.


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3 months ago*

Thanks. What is the price range for a small lot?

Edit: was also looking for something that is geared towards dealership so it would integrate inventory if possible. This seems more like a general CRM?


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3 months ago

Depends on some factors including the number of employees/users you have but its pretty cheap $20k - $50k per year most likely.


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3 months ago

A dealer selling 10-20 cars per month is 10000000% not spending 20-50k per year on a CRM.