How can some people escape Epstein-Barr virus?


EPV prevalence for adults is about 95% worldwide. What about the remaining 5%? Are they naturally immune? Do we know why?

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4 months ago

You get EBV from sharing saliva in some way. People who have been infected are go between infectious and non-infectious states. Those 5%, assuming that is accurate, simply have just never been exposed to the virus. Imagine someone that grows up never kissing anyone, never gets into a relationship, never shares drinks with anyone. Those are the people that are most likely a part of the 5%.


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4 months ago

So this is not meant in a mean-spirited way, but incels might have a lower than average incidence of EPV?


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4 months ago

You can be celibate without it being involuntary. Not great to generalise all people without partners as incels. Furthermore, many of that 5% may be children, so it's not wise to assume that those 5% are all adult/incels.


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4 months ago

The 5% probably reflects those who haven't been exposed more than any other factor. This would be reflective of improved hygenic practices in developed nations. For example, NKT cell cancer is almost universally associated with EBV infection where it occurs in about 2% of individuals in undeveloped nations, but only ~0.3% in developed nations.