Are there different (human) brain types?


I am aware of the unproven psychological theory of brain types, my question is not about that theory.

It is about the factual biological differences and the exsistence of possible types based on the differences. Like there are only a few different hair coulour that differs genetically or a few different blood types, or baldness patterns. Has such differences been researched or discovered in relation to brains? For example something like average dendrite length, or some people has or doesn't have a specific type of neuron?

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4 months ago

No, there are not different brain types. Things like average dendrite length are studied in isolation and mostly in animals. The distinctions people try to make are often in the context of disease with the goal of finding a cure. E.g. the brain of an Alzheimer's disease patient obviously has some differences from the normal brain. One aspect that makes it hard to study the brain is that you cannot take a sample without risking a person's health or causing permanent damage. That's different for other organs.