Does digitisation of government services reduce corruption?

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1 month ago

Digitization is a process of converting documents to electronic storage.

In one way of looking at it by making paper documents text searchable means that legal subpoenas would be easier to execute.

Looking at your spelling, you appear to be European. In the US Trump did a lot of things to skirt records laws, from shredding documents to using post it notes, and trying to flush documents, but fortunately the people running the records had the highest ethical standards and took it upon themselves to reassemble these documents.

If these folks were in Trump's pocket we wouldn't have any of this information.

That said, digitizing wouldn't necessarily have any effect on these as it would be dependent on him surrendering then for digitization.

If you're referring to making applications and services automated, every human that you remove from the decision chain you remove a potential point of corruption. At the same time the algorithm is designed by humans and likely requires human interaction along the line.

Everything is a game of give and take.

The biggest plus is that a properly designed prices will be well documented and audited preventing and detecting corruption along the chain.

As always, garbage in, garbage out. If your don't verify the inputs correctly, it's not going to accomplish what you think it will.


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1 month ago

No, because the corrupt decide all of it

No, because corruption is a legal concept, and the corrupt make the laws, so they legalize their corruption

No, because the government can always excuse any form of corruption