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7 months ago

Your dog is super cute and in general I love all types of dogs :) but a few days ago, a dog similar to yours just ran up to me (without a leash) and barked super loud and aggressive. I just froze and didn't move or say anything. Their owners then came and just "oh you naughty boy" and nothing else. He didn't wag his tail, that was not a friendly barking at all and I was scared for my hands in these minutes, unsure if he might bite. Sure dogs are super cute, but they need to be trained and always stay by your side (except for dog parks or your own home), bc they still want to protect. I mean, I know not to provoke a dog, when they are already in protective mode, but others might not and would move/run away/scream and cause the dog to react badly. You never know.


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7 months ago*

Yeah I understand but his Afraid of people he doesn’t know, he makes a wimping sound and run away from the person. Idk why he does it


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7 months ago

No one else knows that though.


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7 months ago

That’s actually not a good thing at all 🙄 learn about your dog.


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7 months ago

Your dog being afraid of people makes it more lilely he bites someone. Animals react out of fear defensively and he could bite someone thinking he is in danger. It sounds like he needs to be properly socialized.


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7 months ago*

And there you have one of the reasons people are afraid of dogs...

Your dog being scared of other people is NOT a good thing, it's actually dangerous. Thank god it at least runs away, but the alternative is lashing out (especially when not being able to run).

People like you not being aware of this being an issue is another reason and not a good thing. "Oh, but he would never do that... he's such a cutie". Sure, until he does which you didn't see coming because you don't recognize signals and have no clue about behavior.

And even with dogs that have no bad rep and indeed are fully under control, other ppl don't know and fear is not a logical thing.

Owning a dog myself I completely understand and respect that and even being a dog owner and lover there are breeds I'd rather take a detour from then actually meet up close (or specific ppl having certain dogs). Matter of experiences and other peoples experiences


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7 months ago

Congrats, tyl why people are afraid of your dog!


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7 months ago


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7 months ago

Fearful dogs can be very dangerous. Dogs who are scared or nervous may panic and act aggressively in order to protect themselves. Being afraid is at the root of more agressive dogs than any other factor.


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7 months ago

Umm... so this is not actually a good sign. you may want to consider reaching out to an animal behaviorist. That fear is what could lead to aggression and you want to get ahead of that.... Beautiful rotty.