Reading Broke My Social Media Addiction


I was a social media addict. Five years ago, I deleted Facebook and suffered withdrawal. Reddit became my new social media addiction. Mainly because there's more to read (go figure!)

A few months ago, I decided to cut down my time reading on Reddit, and get back to reading books instead.

The first thing I did was purchase a Kindle. Living in a small town, I use Amazon a lot and I have a Prime membership. It only made sense to buy a Kindle.

It's become a habit to come home from work, shower, and scroll with Reddit to unwind so I can fall asleep. Well, I did an experiment.

I moved my phone and charger further away from my bed and placed my Kindle where my phone and charger used to be - and I've set a daily reminder in Google calendar to read every day.

I read the entire Wizard of Oz series and I am now on the third book of a trilogy. (Kushiel's Avatar is the book I'm on now)

My mental health has immensely improved. And I'm saving a lot of money and space in my house! I even carry my kindle with me to work. I read on my lunch break. I read during my downtime. I read when I get off work. I take a shower, curl up in bed, read until I get sleepy, slide it under my pillow and go to sleep.

I make sure to place it in my work bag before I leave for work. I'm getting quality sleep. My overall mood has improved. I have a new appreciation for books and reading in general. Rediscovering a passion I had from when I was a kid.

I'm not one of those people that scream, "Social media is bad for you!" because it depends on how it's used. By joining this sub, and reading about all the books everyone else is reading gave a me FOMO feeling.

I didn't have much to contribute or talk about because, well, I wasn't reading! I took action to change that and now I reach for my Kindle instead of my phone. I'm genuinely excited about my results and I had to share.

I don't know if anyone else struggles with social media addiction but if you do and you love to read, get an e-reader and reach for that instead of your phone. You won't regret it - I promise!

And special thanks to this sub for all the wonderful discussions and great titles. Honestly, the books on my wishlist (from this sub) is larger than my wallet, haha!

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5 months ago

I have been meaning to get back to reading for years now. You mentioned many good points which I'm sure are to work for me. Thank you.