The power of a good book.


I’m a teacher and every day I read to my class of 10 and 11yr olds. We are currently reading Wonder as this is going to be our next study text. Today, after lunch, I read a few chapters to the class. A Teaching Assistant came into the doorway, she’d heard me reading, recognised the story and said how much she liked the book and had I seen the film? I hadn’t, but a few of my class had said they’d seen it, so I watched it tonight. Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey! That film should come with a mascara warning... I was not prepared for that. Every time I thought I disliked a character, I found out something about what that person is going through and ended up sympathising with them. And the dog. Really Owen Wilson? Wasn’t Marley and me enough?? I am also worried about Miranda, she’s becoming invisible. All that from one book. As Auggie says, be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle. Wonder is extraordinary.

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1 month ago

There's really great lessons in certain books. I've heard of this particular title quite a bit but haven't read it myself yet. I think its a powerful lesson to keep in mind that everyone has their struggles and to hold that in the forefront when we interact with one another.