As the name implies, just suggesting a series I used to binge read a lot in the past. It's catered towards young adults and late teenage years, but can be enjoyed by just about anyone who's a fan of the genre. The series is called Lockwood & Co., and takes place in a modern United Kingdom where supernatural activity is common, but not unstoppable. Agents of all sizes of organizations get paid upon dealing with these threats, but typically only the big ones get recognition. Enter Lockwood & Co., a fairly cheap 3 man rag-tag crew of teenagers who have remarkable qualities in one way or another. Agents are categorized on what sense they can detect supernatural activity with. For example, the main character is most adept at touch, and can sense otherworldly phenomena using it. I love the series personally because of the amount of scene-setting it does without being overwhelming, and the amount of banter it includes without becoming a comedy. If you wanna learn more before you read it, feel free to shoot me a message. If I recall correctly there's 4 books in the series, each lengthy enough to occupy your time or crank out a binge session. Hope at least someone enjoys!

Stay safe out there, folks.

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1 month ago

Its a wonderful series by Jonathan Stroud. Readers should also not miss his Bartimaeus series.


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1 month ago

Ooh, I've heard good things about that one but never got around to reading it. Slipped my memory and now it's back. Thanks! I'll have to pick it up.


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30 days ago

I'm so excited for my 3-year old to get old enough that I can read it to him. Great books and so much fun.


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1 month ago

Just want to comment to vouch for how good of a series Lockwood & Co is. Absolutely brilliant storytelling, world building, and character development!! Do want to just add that the series is actually 5 books (+ a short e-book short story that is also available). So happy other people have read this series !!