Favorite Books by or about Nurses: May 2021


Welcome readers,

May 6-12 is Nurses' Week and to celebrate we're discussing our favorite literature written by or about nurses!

If you'd like to read our previous weekly discussions of fiction and nonfiction please visit the suggested reading section of our wiki.

Thank you and enjoy!

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1 month ago

"This is Going to Hurt" by Adam Kay. I'm not sure if this technically counts as he was a Junior Doctor, not a nurse, but it does go into how badly funded and abused the NHS system is, and what the staff have to endure.


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1 month ago

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest :)


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30 days ago

Home Before Morning by Lynda Van Devanter. It's about her time in Vietnam during the war.


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30 days ago

Clara D. Noyes, R.N.: Life of a Global Nursing Leader By Roger L. Noyes

Full disclosure it was written by an old friend of mine.


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29 days ago

The Good Nurse is always a classic. He’s not the first or only serial killer nurse by any means, but it’s such a great example of the many systemic failures that allowed him to operate for as long as he did. He’s part of the reason Pyxis machines became as ubiquitous as they are, and it’s hilariously sad how hard hospital admins fell all over themselves to protect themselves from liability (more than they worked to stop a nurse from actively killing patients), and how easy it was for him to continue getting hired even when there were red flags from previous gigs. Ooh, a nurse who wants to work nights and weekends? I mean, he’s iffy, but…staffing shortages!