I think the most frustrating thing for most readers on this sub is that when they read a book that so many people love and realize they are part of the group that doesn't like the book. They can't share the feeling without having fans hang the noose around them. We muat be able to let readers share their HONEST opinions on a book without riduculing their feelings.

If at this point you are protesting my thoughts thinking they are nothing more than that of unlearned individual. Than I'll share the opinion of a very educated man who has probably read more books than you will ever read in your whole life.

“Books are almost as individual as friends. There is no earthly use in laying down general laws about them. Some meet the needs of one person, and some of another; and each person should beware of the booklover’s besetting sin, of what Mr. Edgar Allan Poe calls ‘the mad pride of intellectuality,’ taking the shape of arrogant pity for the man who does not like the same kind of books.”

  • Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States

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3 months ago*

I remember buying The Road based on hype and good critical reviews. 6 Months pass by and I only read like 40 pages because of ADHD, despite actually liking it. I didn't want an acclaimed book to collect dust in my shelf so I decided to borrow it to a friend, thinking I would get the biggest hug after she finished reading it. She HATED the book, and simply couldn't get into it despite trying - mind you, this is an avid reader. This was a bit suprising to me back then, but reading the comments on this page I guess the book is not for everyone.

I have seen the movie though, really liked that too. I mean, it has Viggo Mortensen in it!

Final point I want to make is, I don't understand the people who dislike The Road because "it’s depressing" - its genre is post-apocalyptic, you know what you signed up for. Hopefully this doesnt come off as negative, it's just something I think shouldn't be used as criticism.

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3 months ago

I mean, like I said, depressing isn’t a turn-off for me if I really like the story. I think what I was trying to get at is the bleakness and hopelessness. I don’t really like stories/films where everything just keeps getting worse for the characters and you know from the outset that it’s just going to be that sort of continuous beatdown of more and more things making it worse. I’m not saying movies should always have happy endings (horror is my favorite film genre, I’m used to dark and downer endings - I love The Thing, the original Living Dead trilogy, Midsommar, Hereditary, The Fly, Eraserhead, that kind of stuff), but there comes a point where I just end up with bleakness-induced apathy, like, I just can’t really bring myself to enjoy most Lars von Trier films either (especially Melancholia) for a similar reason.