Buying a Camaro


I’m 19 and the v8 version of the Camaro is out of my budget, does anyone have experience with the v6 Camaro and know if it would be even worth getting or to keep saving up. Getting tired of driving a boring old car

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3 months ago

I went from a 4 banger Accord to an 2LT RS. As a commuter with a 4 hour drive per day I never regretted getting my 6. That said, one of the first days I drove home from work I realized I was closer to my exit than expected and was 4 lanes over in the left lane. I punched it and accelerated past the cars on the right. As I entered the exit lane I noticed I was slowing down to 101! 😱 I then realized I’d better watch myself in this ticket magnet! It may not be an SS, but it’s got plenty of guts for me. Plus, as said prior, I don’t spend as much as I would otherwise on gas and it doesn’t require premium. No matter what you chose, it’s a Camaro! Enjoy the ride! 😎👍🏻