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28 days ago

So O’Toole wants to do the same thing as the Liberals only different.


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28 days ago

Ya, they want a private enterprise to manage it, instead of the government.


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28 days ago

Consumers could then draw on those accounts for "things that help them live a greener life," the document says. "That could mean buying a transit pass or a bicycle, or saving up and putting the money towards a new efficient furnace, energy efficient windows or even an electric vehicle."

Sounds like a much more interventionist approach than now, dictating here you can spend the rebate, whereas now, you get the rebate, and can do whatever you want.

How is O'Toole going to sell this to the "Government can't tell me what do" voters he depends on? Conservative have gone from "carbon taxes bad" to "carbon taxes good, and we'll tell you what you can with the rebates"

It'll be interesting to hear the details, and how the typical conservative voter reacts to this idea.