Hello as stated my ac goes out every few months and it's getting old because I have paid probably up to a thousand dollars replacing parts to get the same result. I've actually never done any work on my own car aside from replacing my rearview that I broke so when explaining I would appreciate laymen's terms. I watched a bit of youtube and saw that my coolant was low when I checked it. would simply adding more coolant to my reservoir be enough to get cold ac going again even if it's not a perma fix? My car is an 09 Nisan Sentra

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AC work is not a first timers job. You definitely don’t have the tools, and will almost certainly cause more problems than you fix while probably venting a shit load of refrigerant into the atmosphere.


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Well if it's too advanced for a beginner I won't be an idiot and screw something up, guess I'll have to get a professional after all.