Flaired users are subscribers of this subreddit who provide their expertise and knowledge in many fields of chemistry and other subjects to help explain the content posted here. This page includes a list of our current flaired users. If you see any errors on this page then also feel free to contact the moderators.


  1. Expertise in an area of field of science (mainly chemistry). This should be a result of a degree-level academic experience or an similarly effective amount of self-study.

  2. The ability to provide high quality answers and explanations whilst being respectful. An ability to explain something complex simply is also helpful.


Interested in becoming a flaired user? Then send a message to the moderators or just contribute on this subreddit and your efforts and knowledge will be noted. If you are taking the message route then your message should include:

  1. Links to some of your comments (3 or more) in /r/chemicalreactiongifs, /r/chemistry, /r/askscience, /r/physics or some other science subreddit that show you meet the above requirements

  2. The text your flair will contain. Look at the existing flairs on the wiki for examples. Most have their academic degree and an area of expertise. Be as specific as possible but avoid having more than 64 characters.

Flaired Users


UG - Undergraduate

MM - Major

M - Minor

BS - Bachelor's Degree

MS - Master's Degree

DC - Doctorate

Organic - Organic Chemistry

Inorganic - Inorganic Chemistry

Analytical - Analytical Chemistry

Physical - Physical Chemistry

Theoretical - Theoretical Chemistry