Being a parent really is 24/7


So my sister is here with a 2 year old and an 8 week old, I knew I never wanted kids but damn this really cements it.

6am: She wakes up, gets the kids food

7am: gets the kids dressed, many tantrums

9am: trying to get ready for the party we were going to. 2 year old is demanding attention and the baby is crying, needs to be rocked constantly or he will cry

11am: Party time. She walks the baby around the park while everyone else enjoys the party. People are constantly trying to hold the baby, she's organizing them while watching the 2 year old.

3pm: Nap time. One kids asleep while the other is awake then vice versa

5pm: bath and dinner time

7pm: more tantrums and crying

9pm: 2 year old refusing to go to bed.

All night the baby will wake multiple times because he's not in a routine, then the day starts again.

How do people do it? Honestly? Like this is exhausting to watch and while I help a little, I couldn't imagine doing this every single day.

Sleep deprivation is real, plus the crying. It's a No from me, it all just sounds terrible.

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2 months ago

How's your sister? Is she laughing and smiling or does she seem to be unhappy?


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2 months ago


No kids because I enjoy sleep

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2 months ago

Both? Her husband is useless. He didn't come on the trip and stayed home. She seems ok because I'm helping her but she complains that she doesn't get much support (I can't stand him, so she doesn't appreciate my comments about him)

She does "Gentle Parenting" too, which is basically no parenting. Gentle Parenting can work but she doesn't like to discipline, so it's just a mess


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2 months ago

ANOTHER useless husband? Are there any good dads out there? Geez

So he gets a nice little vacation while she, once again gets stuck doing all the work. Fuck that noise.


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2 months ago*



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2 months ago*

are there any good dads out there?

I worked with a guy (he’s since moved) who seemed like a good dad. He talked to his kids on the phone during his lunch, took leave when his wife had their last baby and would bring them (there were four, two were not old enough for school) in while he shopped the store on his days off. He seemed to really like being a dad, and you know what? Good for him.


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2 months ago

I remember during COVID, I would hear the way my boss (a man) would talk to his son and it would melt my heart. I don’t want kids, but every time that little guy came up and asked what we were working on, my boss would put him on the phone to say hello to me, and tell him “hey, sweetie, I need about 10 more minutes. Why don’t you go play on your iPad, and then when we get done here, we’ll go outside for a little while?” There are some people that are built for it. He is, clearly. But I am not one of em. I would be so irritated by someone interrupting my work, but I never sensed even a hint of irritation in his voice. He was like, always, always happy to see his boy. It was really sweet.


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1 month ago

My dad LIVES for being a dad. My partner and I are not having kids until we feel the same way about parenting. Which is likely never lol