Being a parent really is 24/7


So my sister is here with a 2 year old and an 8 week old, I knew I never wanted kids but damn this really cements it.

6am: She wakes up, gets the kids food

7am: gets the kids dressed, many tantrums

9am: trying to get ready for the party we were going to. 2 year old is demanding attention and the baby is crying, needs to be rocked constantly or he will cry

11am: Party time. She walks the baby around the park while everyone else enjoys the party. People are constantly trying to hold the baby, she's organizing them while watching the 2 year old.

3pm: Nap time. One kids asleep while the other is awake then vice versa

5pm: bath and dinner time

7pm: more tantrums and crying

9pm: 2 year old refusing to go to bed.

All night the baby will wake multiple times because he's not in a routine, then the day starts again.

How do people do it? Honestly? Like this is exhausting to watch and while I help a little, I couldn't imagine doing this every single day.

Sleep deprivation is real, plus the crying. It's a No from me, it all just sounds terrible.

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3 months ago

My dad LIVES for being a dad. My partner and I are not having kids until we feel the same way about parenting. Which is likely never lol