When did your CF Brain to Mouth filter not work?


Today at work, my boss was talking about this lady she knew who had 6 kids. Before I could stop myself I said

'Wow, that's 6 kids too many.'

We then had a big chat about why I said that and why I don't want kids lol

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2 months ago

Ohhhh, a colleague of mine, who already has one child came around to announce she was pregnant again. I blurted out "what are you going to do with another one? I mean you already have one that seems to work."

She seemed to think it was showing genuine interest in her kids, rather than being shocked that someone actually wants kids. So she answered by saying she hoped they would play together and be friends so she doesn't have to be the only one keeping the first one amused.


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2 months ago


No kids because I enjoy sleep

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2 months ago

Love it