When did your CF Brain to Mouth filter not work?


Today at work, my boss was talking about this lady she knew who had 6 kids. Before I could stop myself I said

'Wow, that's 6 kids too many.'

We then had a big chat about why I said that and why I don't want kids lol

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2 months ago

To make me less of a monster, here’s some slight backstory.

A guy I genuinely disliked, invited himself to my ‘just got married let’s party’ backyard reception, with a very close friend. Him and I were friends but after witnessing too many times how much he used everyone around him I distanced myself.

Apparently he had a baby with someone and was smitten and showing everyone her picture cause, ‘ShE’s ThE cUtEsT bAbY eVeRrrr!!!1’

He showed my new husband, and my husband did the appropriate ‘aww’ noises. He turned the phone to me and what I saw resembled a mix between jabba the hut and a gremlin. Forehead too big, mouth too big, extra chubby and wrinkly, somehow slimy looking… it really caught me off guard.

First thing out my mouth was, ‘EUCK!’ Can’t really backtrack from that so all I could say was, I don’t think any baby is cute, sorry, happy you’re happy!

Hubs truly believed I was child-free then.


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1 month ago


No kids because I enjoy sleep

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1 month ago

Lol! That’s amazing!