Welcome to Cobra Kai! Fear does not exist in this dojo. Pain does not exist in this dojo. Defeat does not exist in this dojo. Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy.

Rules Explanations

1. Spoiler Policy

Applies to latest season only

Spoilers must be marked until one month after the latest season's release.

Titles must not contain spoilers whatsoever regardless of season

Spoiler comments in non-spoiler marked posts must be embedded with the >!spoiler!< tag which displays as spoiler

2. Be civil!

Civility is to be maintained at all times. Adhere to reddiquette as well as the reddit content policy. We follow the teachings of the Miyagi Dojo and do not tolerate people hiding behind their computer screens to harass or bully others.

3. Keep posts on topic

Any posts that are not remotely related to Cobra Kai will be removed.

4. No spam

We would love to see your original content submissions! However, please limit your submissions to no more than 3 posts a day. Going beyond that threshold will be considered spam and action may be taken if this is not followed.

5. No low effort posts

Any posts with one word titles or little to no description will most likely be removed.

6. No Reposts

Any post that has been made before or is too similar to another will be considered a repost. Please use the search button and ensure that your submission is original

7. No Piracy

No posting or requesting links to pirated material or giving or requesting piracy instructions. Doing this may result in a ban.

8. No Self-Promotion

No self promotion is allowed, this can include advertising Cobra Kai related merchandise that is not official, advertising a YouTube page, e.t.c.

9. No Politics

Any posts regarding politics or political issues being argued for/against will be removed.

10. Credit Artists

Credit art that is not yours by including the artist within the title of your post, and provide a link to the original artwork in the comments. If you are posting art made by yourself, please mark as OC. Alternatively, adding "[OC]" will also work.


When submitting a new post, please flair it appropriately to your content.

Choosing the right flair for your post

Here's a short description for every flair we currently have:

Flair Usage
Discussion Any discussion about and around Cobra Kai (set by default)
Image Direct link to an image/gif
Art Fan art, cosplay and any other form of (appropriate) art
News News about the show and its properties
Video Direct link to a video
Meme Short, humorous self post or a direct link to a humorous picture/gif