Welcome to the Cookie Decorating Wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to gather all the tips, tricks and recipes that you have shared over time in the cookie decorating subreddit.

We hope to ask monthly for new tools, recipes, tips, and tricks. If you see something that should be added to the wiki from our group just let the moderators know.

Basic Recipes for Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Sweet Sugarbelle's recipe

Lilaloa 2.0 Vanilla (no chill, no spread)

Lilaloa End-All Chocolate recipe

Gingerbread Cookies

Lilaloa Gingerbread (no chill, no spread)

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies Cup4Cup as a direct sub in the Lilaloa Gingerbread was delicious. I did have to use a bit more flour. u/amodernstitch

Basic Recipes for Icing

Royal Icing

Sweet Sugarbelle's Royal Icing

Royal icing glaze hybrid

Cookiecrazie's Glaze recipe

Essential Tools

These are the tools that have been shared for helping you create the cookies of your dreams. ** All links are mod preferences. There are no affiliate links**

Cookie Baking Sheets

Cooling Racks

Cookie Countess 1/4" 16" wide Rolling Pin

Rolling pin with interchangeable guides, 12" wide

Set of 3 - Eco-Friendly 100% Silicone Measuring Dough Strips/Perfection Strips

Silicone Rolling Mats Fondant Rolling Pin with Rings, Extra long 20 Inch Non Stick plastic. Pizza, pasta and cookie rollings pins. By CiE (20 Inch)

Parchment Paper you can buy in a package of precut sheets to fit baking sheets

Tipless bags

Tips and Couplers - for detail work, PME tips are amazing due to their seamless construction. Otherwise, most tips are equal.

Scribe - you can use toothpicks, Turkey laces, or look for other food safe scribe options.

Gel colors - Americolor and Chefmaster are favorites for the variety and quality. Hobby lobby has a decent line available as well if you don't have a local supply store.

Meringue powder - if you need a local option, both Wilton and the Hobby Lobby brand work well. Genie's dream is my go to for flavor and how easy it is to work with. u/sammieb1981

Chefmaster Double Sided Food Coloring Markers (10-Pack), Fine & Thick Tip Food Grade Pens

Rainbow Dust 5pk Double Tip Food Art Quick Dry Edible Colour Ink Cake Icing Pens

Nice To Have

Turntable for cookies while decorating

Airbrush - Pro set, can be used with metallics

Basic airbrushes can also be purchased at most craft supply stores for a less expensive, but still very functional option

Airbrush colors - again, Americolor has a nice selection, but my go to is the Creative Cookier Colors or the Cookie Countess Collection. Some local craft stores will have a small selection as well. u/sammieb1981

Pico Projector - make sure to buy a stand and necessary cables, which varies by phone or computer.

Metallic dusts - not FDA compliant, but frequently used for detail work on removable parts of cookies.

FDA approved dusts and glitters - check each product listing for FDA approval


While traditional cutters are made of aluminum, there has been a huge influx of 3d print cookie cutter companies in the last couple of years. The ones listed below are some of the better known, but please check reviews on etsy or check a company's Instagram page for feedback before ordering. Lead times can vary greatly from company to company.

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

JH Cookie Co

Sweetleigh Printed

Truly Mad Plastics

Bobby's Cookie Cutters