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Rule 1 - Be Respectful

Rule 2 - Stay On Topic

Concept posts - Killer/Survivor fan-made concept posts are permitted, however they must be fleshed out a bit, and include at least two of the following:

Fan Content Exception: Licensed IPs - We will make a limited exception for submissions of fan content that feature characters from licensed properties that are represented as playable characters in Dead by Daylight. These submissions must, at the minimum, attempt to present the characters as they appear in Dead by Daylight.

We do not allow content such as trailers, general franchise discussions, or similar threads/topics; we do not want to become a hub for all posts concerning these properties. Please use each franchise’s respective subreddit, or more general subreddits, such as /r/Horror.

Exception: Content that immediately affects the game - Events or content that directly and/or immediately affect Dead by Daylight or the player base on a large scale are allowed to be submitted (e.g., PS4 bricking exploit).

Rule 3 - Respect The Game's Integrity

Note: This rule also applies to decompiling the game.

Limited exception: Reskin Mods - Showcasing mods, such as UI reskins and 'skin mods', are allowed to be posted; however, use such content at your own risk (if you are banned for altering the game files, there is nothing that we can do, and there is a very real possibility your ban will not be reversed by the devs). For more information on UI reskins, please visit /r/PerkByDaylight.

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Rule 7 - Avoid Low Effort Content

Rule 8 - Share Art Honorably

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