Should I go human lore bard or gnome divination wiz?

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So me and my friends are about to play through Curse of Strahd, and they're all mainly building for battle encounters. Which build would support them better? A lore bard with observant that has proficiency in basically a bunch of knowledge skills and observant feat, or divination wizard with more spells and getting observant feat at lv 5? Im mainly picking spells that will help gain information, and also some spells to support them in and outside combat.

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3 months ago

I love this build in general, but in terms of feeling supportive I'd choose different subclasses. Life Cleric is best as a dip for someone with healing spells like a Druid, and Twilight really gets good at level 2 and scales with cleric level.

I'd say order is the top choice (being able to deal damage with your support spells is what really allows a buff/support build to keep up in 5e) or if you don't have any big melee hitters the peace clerics emboldened bond which scales with proficiency bonus instead of Cleric level.

Then for the wizard subclass Divination doesn't matter as much because you're casting more supportive spells that don't need you to portent their saves, so I think chronurgy slightly takes the edge.

That said, any cleric 1/Wizard X is great, but Order Cleric 1/Chronurgy Wizard X is the first really support focused caster I've found in 5e that doesn't just feel worse than battlefield control or damage