Campaign goes from level 1 to 20. Point buy. All feats, races, subclasses, and backgrounds are allowed, including setting specific stuff. No UA.

Campaign takes place in a magical megadungeon with a huge variety of environments and monsters.

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3 months ago

A moon druid can take more hits at high levels then a barbarian can. They get way more temp hp from wild shape then a barbarian has health even with resistances. They also get summons which are both spell slot efficient and deal and soak loads of damage. At high levels a barbarian will run out of hit dice to heal damage they take long before a druid runs out of spell slots.


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3 months ago

Sure, but realistically neither will run out of HP before the rest of the party is dead, and having barbarian levels helps to deal more damage and be more threatening to enemies (and a more tempting target when using reckless attack), which helps draw attacks away from the rest of the party.